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Internet Video Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I get the Windows Media Player?
A. Download the free Windows Media Player from http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/.

Q. Where can I get the Real Player?
A. Download the free RealPlayer 8 Basic from http://www.real.com/player/.

Q. Where can I get the QuickTime Player?
A. Download the free QuickTime Player from http://www.apple.com/quicktime/.

Q. What is streaming video?
A. A streaming file begins playing as the file downloads to your computer. Video files are very large and take a long time to download. You don't have to wait for the entire file to load to see and hear the video.

Q. Why does the video sometimes look jerky ?
A. Digital video files are huge. The video and the audio compete for attention during the transfer over your Internet connection. Most of the time we assign the audio priority so you don't miss the words. If the network is congested, the video has to wait.
Think of it as visual audio!

Q. The video starts to play, then stops. What's wrong?
A. You may need more recent versions of the players.
The Yahoo! Broadcast site has a helper which will check your system and recommend the correct players for your computer and operating system. Scroll down to the section How the Yahoo! Broadcast Media Helper Works. From there, click on the link: Launch Yahoo! Broadcast.

Q. My Windows Media Player starts to play, then stops and says it's "buffering". How long will it buffer? A. If you have a dial-up connection or a fast connection with lots of Internet traffic, Windows Media Player may need to be reloaded to get the buffering going again. If that happens, close Windows Media Player, then click on the link to the show you were watching. Windows Media Player will pick up the buffering where it left off. Once its all in (100%), you can watch the whole show from beginning to end.

Q. What's buffering?
A. The QuickTime and Windows Media Player movies are progressive download files. A certain percentage of the whole file needs to be downloaded before you can begin watching the movie. The QuickTime or Windows Media Player saves or "buffers" those files until they start to play. Real Media movies are streaming files. Real Media also needs to save or "buffer" some of the file so you can watch the whole movie without having to stop. Sometimes unanticipated Internet traffic jams can slow down your stream and Real Media may need to buffer again.

Q. I have another question. Will you answer it?
A. If you send email to jennie@izzy.net, we'll respond. We'll also add new questions and answers to this page.

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